Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Flavrbox! A new way to buy great food, made by people you'll love

Flavrbox was created by a group of passionate food lovers with the aim of helping independent food producers earn a good living from doing what they love. Practically speaking, it's an online platform through which you can list and sell your products direct to customers (similar to a farmer's market if you like). Our long-term plan is to create a vibrant community, made up of the finest food makers the UK has to offer.

Flavrbox is launching in Beta in the Autumn 2011 and is offering an early-bird exclusive annual discount. For anyone signing up on the mailing list on before the launch, Flavrbox will offer 10% discount on every single purchase for an entire year. Yes, 365 days. 4 seasons of local independent and tasty food.

No rubber. No added water. Only amazing products made by people you'll love.

Think your farmers' market meets Amazon, the convenience of buying online with the choice of all the UK's top farmers market' producers. Tasty sausages and jams.

Coming Soon!!.

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