Friday, 9 March 2012

Live Below the Line - Day three

Linguine Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino, £0.42

Day 3, no more pizza please!  Welcome to my blog again. This is my third day of the Live Below the Line challenge, and everything goes well.  

Yesterday and the day before I stuffed myself with pizza, as it's quite cheap to make, so please no more pizza for at least a week!
If I have to be honest, I am craving for some meat and fresh vegetables, but my £1 daily budget is too low to afford them.
The only option I have is to eat carbs again, so I decided to opt for two very simple Italian dishes, pasta and bruschetta.
The good thing about Italian food is that you don't need many ingredients to prepare a decent meal, because it's very simple (and healthy too).
The only concern is that I am taking too many carbs, but I don't really have much choice... 
For breakfast (£0.093) I had my usual cup of black coffee (£0.09) with half a tsp of sugar, 3g (£0.003)

LUNCH - Linguine Aglio, Olio and Peperoncino, £0.42

  • Linguine pasta, 100g (£0.19)
  • Extra virgin olive oil, 2tbsp (£0.11)
  • Crushed chillies, 1tsp (£0.08)
  • Garlic, 1 clove (£0.03)
  • Salt (£0.01)
Bring a pot of water to the boil, adding a handful of salt. Add the pasta and cook until 'al dente'. In the meantime, in another pan, heat the olive oil on a medium heat. Add the garlic and the crushed chillies and saute for a couple of minutes or until the garlic is golden but not browned. Drain the linguine and toss everything together for a minute or so. Transfer to warm serving plates. Easy!

DINNER - Tomato Bruschetta, £0.45

Tomato Bruschetta, £0.45

  • Bread, 3 small slices (£0.15)
  • Tomatoes, 3 small (£0.25)
  • Extra virgin olive oil, 1tbsp (£0.05)
  • Salt and pepper (£0.002)
This is so simple, that I would feel embarrassed to write instructions!


Let's try helping beating poverty, either:

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